The Important of Regular Maintenance

When you think about the maintenance of your carpet there are a few things to think about. Since Cranmore started our flooring store in Suprise we now look at the maintenance of floors a lot different. Flooring manufacturers want to see that you have kept up on vacuuming and also regular “Hot water extraction” cleaning also known as HWE. Lots of carpet mills don’t tell you but they really want to see carpets cleaned at least once a year, sometimes they are okay with 18 months but you do want to have your paid receipt on hand if ever a warranty claim arrises.

Little things that might help extend the life of your carpet might be as simple as more frequent vacuuming, regular truck mount carpet cleaning, and also changing around your furniture to eliminate traffic patterns. I know that is a hard thing to do but some patterns start to form pivot points and most mills will void warranties when pivot points are visible. Not always avoidable!

Hope this helps, I am going to try to be more frequent with posts and cover topics that we get questioned about regularly. Some topics might not even be fun to talk about for either of us but sometimes we just need to talk about the realities we face. Odors will be our next post and ill try to come up with something.

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