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Our Carpet Repair Process

Pet damage is a very common repair in the carpet industry. Pets like to dig under doorways and can easily tear up the carpet and pad.

How we fix this normally is:
  • By taking a donor piece either left over from the install or by taking a piece from a closet.
  • We then replace the closet piece with a close but not exact match.
By doing this the repaired area which is normally in a way more noticeable area is fixed with an exact match and the not as noticeable area is our “donor” piece.

Prices vary on this service, if you could either email us a picture or even text a picture to us we can get a good quote to you.

Carpet Stretching
Loose or “wavy” carpet is another common problem we deal with.
  • We fix this by re stretching with a power stretcher giving it a wall to wall stretch not just a little knee kicker.
  • Some repairs require us to open seams and make new seams to get the desired results.
If left loose the carpet can become permanently damaged due to the traffic walking on the creased carpet and damaging the backing.

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